The Eternal Hunger and Thirst

I had an interesting conversation with a friend and it was around the search for something, it was around relationships.  But this post will not be about “that” relationship that you and I and everyone else has been hankering about.  That one I will write about in another blog.  This blog however, started out with a conversation about relationships which then morphed into a conversation about hunger and thirst.  The eternal hunger and thirst.  Have you ever felt this? Continue reading

What Is Your Daily Mantra or “Language Command”?

A “mantra” to me is a personal affirmation or a language command I tap into daily as a reminder.  The reminder is like a post-it note that is permanently embedded in my heart-mind or in my sub-conscious.  It is like an affirmation or framework that I base my daily interactions, actions, behaviour and attitude on. Continue reading

The Invitation by Oriah

This poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer inspired me so much and really touched me. It talks to my soul, to the heart of me, to the child in me, to the warrior within me, and expresses how I’ve lived my whole life – how I felt, what I thought, what I’ve fought for within myself and outside of myself. Continue reading

Allowing Employees To Choose Their Working Hours and How They Want To Work

ricardo semler quote by life artisanThis quote by Ricardo Semler reminds me of how I managed a typical Gen-Y contractor at one stage many years ago.

Ricardo Semler is best known for his radical form of organisation model and corporate re-engineering.  At the age of 22, when he took over the family business, Semco, he fired most of the top level executives, cut down the levels of management hierarchy, gave the employees the choice to set their own hours as well as the choice of electing their managers and so on. Under his ownership, the company revenue grew from US$4 million in 1982 to US$212 million in 2003. (Source: Wikipedia, and article posted by Sam Mashiach in Linkedin) Continue reading

We Have Created A Virtual Reality World For Us

virtual universe by life artisan coach

“All the world’s a stage; and all the men and women merely players.” ~ Shakespeare

We have created a virtual reality world for ourselves where we can experience anything and everything.

I had this insight while having lunch the other day and just enjoying the food.  Of course, I’ve known this for quite a while now but I was overcome with amazement and enjoyment with experiencing the food and my partner’s company while discussing what’s on the news and all the terrible things that happened as well as the wonderful things that happened last year all over the globe…  And I thought how amazing it is that we are experiencing all these and within a safe environment. Continue reading