What Is Your Daily Mantra or “Language Command”?

A “mantra” to me is a personal affirmation or a language command I tap into daily as a reminder.  The reminder is like a post-it note that is permanently embedded in my heart-mind or in my sub-conscious.  It is like an affirmation or framework that I base my daily interactions, actions, behaviour and attitude on. I refer to these most especially when I need to take an active action. I draw on these when I make a decision and when I come across or when I am engaging in an event or an experience that needs me to be strong, or when I have to solve a problem in the most effective way. I use these as my guides or as my frame of reference in my day to day life.

Following are some of the language commands or reminders that I use within myself:

  • Be the cause, not the effect.
  • While I appear to be in control of things, I am ultimately not the one who is doing the controlling. This is a paradox.
  • Everything that happens, happens for a reason.
  • There is a purpose and a design to all creation.
  • Everything is flow; open/close is the natural state of things, nothing is static.
  • There are no coincidences.
  • All is perfect as it is.
  • Everyone is different; I cannot expect people to think and behave the way I do.
  • People only know what they know.
  • The variety and differences around me is what makes things interesting.
  • What is the worse thing that could happen to me?
  • Do my actions correspond with my core value which is being the best version of the highest vision I can ever imagine of me?
  • Play the game I am born to play.
  • Life is one big, great, delicious, exhilarating adventure!

And my tenet? Be myself. Letting my light shine fully unto the world. What does this mean? Living my life as passionately and joyfully and fully as I can. Expressing my authentic self in all that I do regardless of opinions and views of others. Loving all that is dark within me and all that is light within me. Laughing at myself and taking myself seriously as well as lightly.

An analogy is standing on top of a mountain with my fists raised high up in the air and from the deepest part of me, SHOUT out loud and LAUGH uproariously at the world and boldly state, “BRING IT ON!!!!”.

© 2015 Nina Barcenilla, All Rights Reserved

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