Dear Nina

It is with great pleasure to testify that your advice and support have led me to live a happier and more peaceful life.

When I had my first session with you, I doubted that anyone could possibly be able to incorporate a very practical, logical, down-to-earth and spiritual counselling.  Well, I was wrong.  You’ve augmented my beliefs on perception, expectations and the act of charity in a very real sense.  I found them realistic, insightful and helpful.

I found you to be a great listener.  You’re gifted in compassion and empathy, and I felt our sessions were very relaxed.  Furthermore, you’re non-judgemental which I find to be very helpful as people will tend to open up very easily.  I just feel that you enjoy making people feel a lot better and happier!  This is a real gift.

I would not hesitate to recommend your excellent and effective counselling to others.  May you be truly blessed in guiding people to live a more harmonious and peaceful life.

Yours sincerely

Maria Robertson

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