Hello and Welcome!

I have created this website to provide guidance to others who needs help.  The purpose is to share to the world the answers as I experience them to the questions that are generally asked.  By generally asked, meaning that these are the collective questions from a human perspective, from the people on this planet.

I will endeavor to be as authentic as I can with the information I write here; meaning, all information is coming from my own perceptions, interpretation and experiences, unless I refer to external references. This also means that there will be information I transmit in these pages that might conflict with your beliefs, and that is ok.

My intention is to guide, enlighten, provoke and challenge you in the hopes that you will be triggered to ask your own questions, and in doing so come to your own answers which you already have within you.

Who is this for?  It is for people like me back when I wished there was someone I could have turned to for help.  It is for people who are willing to take the next step towards being sovereign.

You who are meant to see and hear this information will find your way to this site, to life artisan.

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