Being A Leader Is Not About Leading Others

lifeartisan leadershipIn the general population, when we consider the term leader, we usually associate this with leading others.  Leadership can be defined as the ability to “move” or “direct” or “guide”.  When I reflected on this and in my own life, I figured that leadership is not about leading others.  Or at least, it does not begin with leading others.  It has an origin, it must start somewhere.  So where does leadership start? Continue reading

Why I Think Getting Rejected Is Really A Great Thing

rubberbands_lifeartisanWe’ve all been rejected in one form or another in our lives.  From childhood when you don’t get what you want as children and the times when your parents’ affections are withheld from you through something that you believed you did, in the playground when other kids don’t want to play with you as they prefer to play with the other kids, when you start forming romantic attachments and are not noticed by that person you are attracted to, when you apply for College or University and don’t get accepted, when you apply for a job or a role and your resume does not even take you through to an interview, when you form a romantic relationship and your lover doesn’t give you affection if you don’t behave in a certain way that is acceptable to them, when your partner or wife or husband leaves you because they no longer feel connected with you or with the relationship… and so on.  There are so many examples. Continue reading

Allowing Employees To Choose Their Working Hours and How They Want To Work

ricardo semler quote by life artisanThis quote by Ricardo Semler reminds me of how I managed a typical Gen-Y contractor at one stage many years ago.

Ricardo Semler is best known for his radical form of organisation model and corporate re-engineering.  At the age of 22, when he took over the family business, Semco, he fired most of the top level executives, cut down the levels of management hierarchy, gave the employees the choice to set their own hours as well as the choice of electing their managers and so on. Under his ownership, the company revenue grew from US$4 million in 1982 to US$212 million in 2003. (Source: Wikipedia, and article posted by Sam Mashiach in Linkedin) Continue reading