We Have Created A Virtual Reality World For Us

virtual universe by life artisan coach

“All the world’s a stage; and all the men and women merely players.” ~ Shakespeare

We have created a virtual reality world for ourselves where we can experience anything and everything.

I had this insight while having lunch the other day and just enjoying the food.  Of course, I’ve known this for quite a while now but I was overcome with amazement and enjoyment with experiencing the food and my partner’s company while discussing what’s on the news and all the terrible things that happened as well as the wonderful things that happened last year all over the globe…  And I thought how amazing it is that we are experiencing all these and within a safe environment.

Uh… What have you been drinking?

Safe environment, you say?  Well, it all depends from which perspective you’re looking at it.  Or I would say, the paradigm structure that you’re currently viewing all life events from.  How you see life events depends on what you believe about who you are, what you believe about the nature of reality, and your relationship with this reality.  When you’re operating from a reference point where you see life as a series of random events that are happening to you, or dictated by your circumstances or whatever biological blueprint that you were born with, life will appear challenging and unsafe indeed.  However, when you understand that all things are in harmony and neutral and the sense of disharmony that you experience is created by your perception of what is good or bad, right or wrong, black or white, beautiful and ugly, then you are operating from a paradigm that is currently not common among humanity.

Let’s examine this paradigm.  First, this is such a complex topic and a broad subject that will need more material than what I have the time to write in this blog.  Simply, how you form a broad paradigm is by asking questions such as who am I?, why am I here?, what is this all about really?, and how are all these (my life, my environment, my interactions, my experiences) relevant to me?  And most importantly, where did I get the current views that I have about life from?  And then examining the origins of those views, understanding how those views came to be, and then evaluating them with what you know to be true within yourself and really feeling if they make sense to you.

Asking these questions and getting the answers is a lifelong journey in itself, but if you could at least get some fundamental answers it will help you see life more clearly, and as a series of meaningful experiences.  Such as with a virtual reality game, there will be stages and obstacles and rewards, and moving from one stage to another stage.  However, as an operator and a participant of the game, you know that you are only playing a game and at the end of the game or whenever you choose to end it, you have your “real” life to go back to.  This is the perspective that ideally we would like to be operating from in this reality.

You’re out of your mind, be serious, life is not a game!

Why would you even want to view life in this way?  When your frame of reference is broad in these terms, you will see the world and everyone in it through a different lens.  The lens from which we view life has a major influence to what we experience.  When the lens that we view from is clean, we see through the illusion of what we’re projecting to our environment and what is projected right back to us.  Seeing things clearly makes our experiences become more meaningful as we are no longer operating from an unconscious default.  We understand that we are conscious operators and participants of our experiences. And as conscious participants, we can control and direct how we live our lives. We feel more empowered and life becomes a joy to live in.

Yes, we have indeed created a virtual reality world for us to play and experience everything.  And what is so clever about it is that we have to fully believe and buy in to the experience and totally immerse ourselves into it, just like if we were engaged in a virtual reality game.  Except in this game of life, we have no knowledge of who we truly are and what our role is; and we do not know how the game started or how it will end.  This is the beauty of it.  From a human perspective, all we can do is enjoy the experience and the process.  However, like all games, this game of life in our virtual reality world has rules and all rules are universal.  Knowing the rules and understanding them is the key in the successful participation of this game.  And it all starts with one simple question: Who am I? And when you find the answer, life becomes a joyous adventure indeed.

© 2015 Nina Barcenilla, All Rights Reserved

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