Live Your Light

Live your life with courage.  Have the courage to live your light.

When your light shines brightly, there are those who will try to dim it.  It is only because they haven’t the courage to live their own light and your light blinds them.

Do not dim your light just so others will feel secure about themselves as this will only encourage them to keep hiding their light.

Live your life and your light with courage no matter what others say you must or should do, or tell you who you are.  You are the only one who knows best for you.  You are the only one who fully knows you.

Do not be distracted by the noise of others; as your light shines brightly, the noise from those who haven’t the courage becomes louder indeed.  This is a wondrous message for you because it is asking, are you really ready to be free?  Are you really ready to let your light shine, to express who you are unto the world?

As you live your light with courage, you become a beacon, a lighthouse.  It will give others who are ready, the courage to live their light too.

Shine your light as brightly, as radiantly, as joyfully as you can.  Light is life.  It is abundance, it is freedom, it is dance, it is music, it is love.  It has no conditions, it is All.

Do you know what you’re made of?  You are light.  Step up, come out, express your beauty and your magnificence.  Be the magnificent, graceful being that you are.

© 2015 Life Artisan, All Rights Reserved

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