Anchoring and Integrating New Learnings

The key to anchoring what is learned is definitely through practice. But how is this done? Say for example you are taught to have good table etiquette when you’re dining at a fine restaurant. In your mind you consciously try to remember the ways and process when you’re at the restaurant, but once you’re home or in your normal environment, you switch to your normal habits.

Why is this do you think? It’s because of association when you were learning this new behaviour. We tend to have an on/off switch where a certain aspect of our personality is “on” at certain points in time in our daily lives and interactions.  It represents the way we compartmentalise activities in our mind. Compartmentalisation is the natural state when both hemispheres of the brain are not merged/balanced and I dare say when we are not operating as a holistically balanced human being.  By balanced, meaning all parts of us, all aspects of our humanity, are integrated and undivided.

However, looking at the changes that are happening at a human level, the awareness that is slowly seeping into each individual, we as a humanity are gradually moving into the balanced state; the merging of feminine and masculine, of creativity and logic, of vision and manifestation into the physical.

So when it comes to learning a new behaviour, for the new behaviour to imprint fully within the subconscious mind of the person, it will need to be consciously practiced in all areas of life.  It’s not a switch that you turn on or off depending on the situation.  There is no switch there.  Your work is to turn that “switch” on as you are learning the new behaviour.  Then as you get used to the new behaviour, you are just connected, you are “on” the whole time and this becomes your value, the way you live your life in all situations.

© 2015 Nina Barcenilla, All Rights Reserved

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