What Does It Mean To Be Free?

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Being free is when you can breathe, and soar… and fly…

Each of us are born free.  Until life taught us not to be free.  But we can change this when we start to change what we tell each other and our children about freedom.  Freedom is our birth right.  How do we take ourselves back to freedom?

To be free, one has to…

  • Know who you are and your place in this world.
  • Allow yourself to be enough and be thankful for what you have.
  • Be kind to yourself and allow your imperfections whatever your definition of perfection or imperfection is.
  • Embrace your fears, and know within you that all is well regardless of how the universe appears to you right now.
  • Allow others to be who they are, regardless of how they may seem.
  • See that the success of others does not mean your loss, as each of us have our own place and time in this world.
  • Allow others to walk their path no matter how painful it might appear, because you know that you cannot walk their path for them.
  • Walk your path and be true to yourself, even if you have to disappoint others because of their expectations of you.
  • Let go of expectations… do not be too attached to the outcome if it doesn’t turn out the way you want it to.
  • Help others only if you want to; and don’t expect anything back, not even a smile or a thank you.
  • Forgive and let go.  And further, realise that in the bigger scheme of things there really is nothing to forgive.
  • Have a sense of humour and laugh at yourself from time to time.
  • Realise that the world is a stage, and each one of us is playing a role.

Being free feels like this…

  • When you can move… and breathe.
  • When you feel inspired and creative.
  • When you feel expanded, and you see the possibilities.
  • When you feel that you can do anything and that anything is possible.
  • When you laugh from your belly until the tears fall.
  • When you leap and dance around with no care as to how you appear and how others see you.
  • When your heart is singing and it feels so big that you are bursting with its fullness.
  • When you express your joy in its childlike giddiness and energy.
  • When you express who you are in all your colours and quirks regardless of how others see you, or make assumptions about you.
  • When you allow others to also be free, just as you are free.
  • When you do these things, regardless of time and place, just as a child does.

When you are free, you see the world clearly for what it is… in all its colours, variations, gradients and polarities.  And allow it for what it is, because you know and can see that what the world is, is also what you are.

There is beauty in the world’s spectrum.  Is red better than green, blue better than yellow, white better than black?  Is sugar better than salt, hot better than cold, land better than water, north better than south, and same goes for east and west?  Would you force a square to be a circle, just because you prefer the circle and vice versa?  They are all part of the world.

Being free is the feeling of boundlessness.

The feeling of freedom is better than love, better than what we know what love is.  Being free is when you are so in love with the world, with all people, regardless of who they are and what they’ve done…  That you just want to hold the planet gently in the cusp of your hands…  Or give every single man, woman and child a warm, tender hug.

This is not about utopia.  It’s about each and every single one of us committing to be free within ourselves.  It is not that difficult to do.  It’s about making a choice.  True freedom is not dependent on external circumstance or bound by conditions.  Truly it’s not, and I know it is hard to imagine that when your external circumstance is the opposite of freedom.  But it’s about making a choice, and making a promise and a commitment to yourself.

When you assign conditions on others, you assign conditions on you.  As you bound others, you bind yourself.  When you limit others, you limit yourself.  To be truly free is to be boundless.

True freedom is not something that you get outside of you, or is given to you.  Freedom is something that YOU give to yourself… right here, right now, in every single moment.  What is your decision?  What do you choose?

© 2015 Nina Barcenilla, All Rights Reserved

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