The Universe

This is what I love about when you truly know and feel you’re one with the universe. We are the universe. What we see ‘outside’ of us, with our physical senses, is a projection of what is within us.

This world is truly amazing when you get how it works. And the paradox is that the moment we view our ‘enemies’ as a non-enemy, they stop becoming one. The moment we relax our attachments to outcomes and expectations, is when our experience of this reality changes. The more of us BE this way, in other words, the magnitude and amplification increases, the more the individual experiences becomes a collective experience.

And we change our world.

The universe is really neutral – it reflects back to us everything that we are. As we are ‘looking at’ the universe, it looks back at us. When two gazes meet, you realise there is no difference, no boundaries, no line, no containment. We are inside-out-outside-in.

And you realise that what we do is really just dancing with the universe. Gracefully weaving through the steps, the patterns, swirling.. relating and inter-relating. Creating more of… as we weave and dance and bounce and come together and separate and back again.

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