The Universe

This is what I love about when you truly know and feel you’re one with the universe. We are the universe. What we see ‘outside’ of us, with our physical senses, is a projection of what is within us.

This world is truly amazing when you get how it works. And the paradox is that the moment we view our ‘enemies’ as a non-enemy, they stop becoming one. The moment we relax our attachments to outcomes and expectations, is when our experience of this reality changes. The more of us BE this way, in other words, the magnitude and amplification increases, the more the individual experiences becomes a collective experience.

And we change our world.

The universe is really neutral – it reflects back to us everything that we are. As we are ‘looking at’ the universe, it looks back at us. When two gazes meet, you realise there is no difference, no boundaries, no line, no containment. We are inside-out-outside-in.

And you realise that what we do is really just dancing with the universe. Gracefully weaving through the steps, the patterns, swirling.. relating and inter-relating. Creating more of… as we weave and dance and bounce and come together and separate and back again.


The universe stares back at you as you look at it. It reflects back at you your innermost thoughts, wishes and desires. You… staring back at yourself. A mirror. Your mirror. All in the universe is a reflection of you. You see yourself, expressed in many ways.

~ An insight of when you become aware of someone or something, that someone or something becomes aware of you too. He feels you, and he turns around and looks at you. You are him and he is you.



Everything and everyone have their place in the sun.  It’s all about being in the flow…

Impatience and attachment to expectations are what cause stress and heartache.

When all you can do is… to do and be the best that you can.

And you release it, let it go to where it is meant to go.

You do the part of your story and you don’t hang on.  You let others do their part of the story.

Because every story is made up of many parts, each part equally as important and contributes to the whole.

And no matter how much we desire for things to be so, our desire is only a blip on the face of the sun.

Among other lights that flicker, interwoven with ALL lights.

And so it is neither me nor you who determine others’ place in history- the future, the past, and the eternal present.


Everything and everyone have their place in the sun.