Happiness is a State of Mind

Happiness is a state of mind.  It’s not something that happens outside of you and cause you to be happy, it’s something that you already feel within you, and you express it to the world… And the world gives it back to you.

Is happiness the same as joy, or contentment, or peace?

Play with this:  Take a look at the things (or objects, events, people, places, experiences, etc) that make you happy now.  What is it about these things that make you happy?  What state of being do you get when these things are present in your life or when you interact with these things?  How do you feel?  What emotions arise from within you?  Why?

Now imagine:  If all these “things” are taken away from you, or do not exist in your life right now, how would you stimulate the feeling of happiness within yourself in a way that is NOT reliant on things that are outside of you?  How would you bring forth from within you the wellbeing of emotion, one that you can tap into, whenever and wherever you want?

Picture this:  Now that you figured out your inner source of happiness, imagine all the external things that made you happy before back into your life.  What would your relationship now be like with these things?  What would your life be like?

When you have found that well within you, no one can take it away from you, and it cannot be taken away from you, as it belongs to you, it’s your inner source, the same as each one of us have our own inner source.

You can lose what is outside of you, as what’s outside of you was never yours.  You will always keep what’s within you, always, as that is of you.

Only you can give happiness to you, and only you can take away happiness from you.

Can you see it now?

© 2015 Nina Barcenilla, All Rights Reserved

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