What is Knowledge, Really?

knowledge_lifeartisanEverything that is or ever will be already exists.

Knowledge then is about being able to recognise the labels on things.

When someone is less knowledgable than you, all it means is that they haven’t yet been taught or indoctrinated or “educated” to recognise that label, or they haven’t yet been programmed to slice and dice and compartmentalise what already is.

This is what we do when we teach babies what eyes, nose, ears are and where they’re located.  We are programming them to understand the labels that we created and in the way that we “see” these labels.

Another Perspective of Knowledge

Knowledge is not about replacing existing information with new information.  Knowledge is the broadening and deepening of your understanding of an existing information.  Like the lens of a camera, you just expand the scope of the lens so that you see more.  Knowledge is.  You are the lens.

Knowledge and Learning are Two Different Things

You cannot learn something by reading about it.  You can have knowledge of it, but not learn it.  To learn something, you have to understand it.  And understanding something most often involves going through the process of experiencing it.

© 2015 Nina Barcenilla, All Rights Reserved

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